Smartthings and Piper conflicts?

Just installed a Smartthings Hub to try to connect to several zcombo First Alert smoke/co detectors and I can’t get them to connect. I have tried all the remedies suggested here and elsewhere with no success. I also have noticed a bit of flaky activity with one of my Piper dimmers and am wondering if having two zwave networks running in the same house is creating conflicts? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Having two Z wave networks in the same space shouldn’t be a problem, although it’s a good idea if the two controllers are at least 10 feet apart to reduce possible interference. There are apartment buildings which have Z wave controllers in many apartments and they don’t interfere with each other.

As far as the Z combos, have you been able to successfully add any other Z wave devices to the smartthings hub?

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I find the zcombo detectors hard to pair with ST sometime. Be sure to reset the detector first then bring it very close to the hub for pairing. Around 2 feet or less.
If you think the piper is causing issue then turn it off during pairing. I have piper as well and it’s doing fine in the same house with ST.


Good news and thanks. I took Navat604’s advice and turned off the Piper system and I was able to pair the zcombos first try. Not sure why there was a conflict but that appears to have solved it and the smokes are now paired and working as is the Piper system.

Thanks for the help guys.

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