SmartThings and Philips Hub not synched


I have searched but could not see if this is already raised!

When I bought the Hub V2 the Philips Hue and SmartThings status for lights was always in sync, the family and I could use either to control the lights and the status on all was current and updated, at some point in the last four weeks the status of the Hue/Lux bulbs in “Things” is always now set to off, and I need to turn on first so it goes green to then turn off. I am also sure that I have seen soon after the button go off soon after turning on while the bulb remains on.

has anyone else found this to be broken now as well before i look at raising a call?

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Hues on Hue bridge are polled every five minutes. So, the state of the bulb will change depending upon how close you are to the 5 minute polling if switched on/off via anything outside the ST world. If it doesn’t then shoot an email to support. Another tip is go to your hue connect SmartApp and when you open it you should see the spinning wheel, give it a few seconds…watch in the IDE live logging… If it immediately polled your bulbs. There after it should be 5 minutes polling. If it stops at some point (rare these days) then rinse and repeat.