Harmony switches inconsistency

The harmony integration has been unreliable in terms of reporting status of activities recently.
It worked fine for most of the time but has been so broken since last week or so.
When I move over to another activity, the previous activity remains “active” until I hit refresh on that particular switch.
This makes routines unrealiable since ST interprets an activity as already “on” because the switch didn’t update properly.

For those who use routines you just need to wait for ST staff to finish their donuts and fix that.

For those who use webcore, add a “refresh” action, then a 1s wait because ST is SLOW, then you can send the command off.

“Local control is a security risk” - Logitech, 2018 :unamused::unamused::unamused:

I got tired of that also, so I used a piston made to turn off other lights when a light is turned on.
device “lights” is your harmony activities.
I didn’t write this piston, I got it off of WebCore

There is also this option…which I know a number of people on the forums have done: