Harmony Activites fail to report correct status

I am having some trouble with my ST Harmony Hub integrations. At first, things appeared to be working very well but all of the sudden my Activities are not reporting the correct status. E.g. I use ST app to turn on an Activity and it successful turns on but still appears as Off in the status. I then attempted to turn it off and it fails to do so. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and figured out a remedy? I have tried the basics or adding and removing the integrations as well as the individual Activities. None of which solved it.

This should help:

Hmm, I guess my problem is I created individual activities for each light switch (Activity: Living Room Lights, Hallway Lights etc). The main reason for this is I have Lutron Caseta dimmers and they are not z wave and ST doesn’t integrate right now. Also, I thought that would be best to create individual activities because I intend to use a few wall mounted iPads as control panels for automation using the Harmony app. If only ST integrated directly with Lutron Caseta and had an iPad app… Thanks for the input!

I believe there is a Lutron integration in the works for this year. It should make a lot of people happy.

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