Smartthings and Europea Zwave?

@geeji without being sure I believe it is ok to own it, but not ok for us to sell it.

@Sandervlotman It depends on which versions of the devices you have. I’m not entirely sure if our 1st devices will work with the Vera system. For sure not the VeraLite as our devices are running a type of ZigBee.

I am curious about Zigbee devices (such as ST multi-sensor) : only one frequency / one standard world-wide ?
For Z-Wave devices, the answer would likely be : you would need a 908Mz Hub for control of all your US 908Mz sensors, and an additional 868 MHz Hub for all EU Z-Wave devices.
No idea if 2 controllers on different frequencies would generate interferences when in close proximity, or not.

I life in Germany and would love to use this devices too. I already had them in my basket, but then read this conversation. Now, that Samsung bought SmartThings, I would think that they try to bring this product to ne markets?!
I am really into your tech! Will there be a chance, that I could update my hub later and use the EU Z-Wave frequency?
I already use Sonos and Philipps Hue and would love to combine all this stuff :slight_smile:

Will there be a chance, that I could update my hub later and use the EU Z-Wave frequency?

I very much doubt it : the frequencies are different, and unless the hardware chip SmartThings is using is VERY flexible, US frequency (908MHz) and EU frequency (868MHz) will imply different hardwares.
Furthermore, not only would the hub have to be different, but all the devices connected to it too !.
At this time, if you want to use the SmartThings hub, for tests purpose or other, your only option with Z-Wave devices is to use US versions.

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Thanks to @geeji! That is pretty unfortunate. I really hope SmartThings will make his entry in the european-market! More and more people get interested in this topic over here :wink:

I’m afraid I made the same mistake and acquired the hub from the US without realising it wouldn’t work seamlessly in thw UK with z-wave devices.

Any options from the support team?

Many thanks

You can get a refund from SmartThings for the Hub, or only buy US-versions Z-Wave devices…
Or you can switch from Z-Wave devices to Zigbee devices, since Zigbee uses, AFAIK, the same 2.4GHz frequency worldwide. Note that powered Zigbee devices will have a plug and voltage issue (US, 110VAC), while battery operated ones should be 'plug and play".

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Hello. I am in the same situation as you, so to speak. I am investing in smart home now, but as I can see Smartthings are not working in Europe either. So, I guess its not either working in Egypt (because the z-wave frequency are different than USA).
It seems like Smartthings will only sell their products in USA, and not any other places.
I am not waiting for them, and I think you should check out a company called Fibaro.
Fibaro are the new leader when it comes to smart homes/automation. They are taking care of their customers, and selling world wide. I think its the best choice.
I think they have the best design, both in their software and products.


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Necro bump. But here is hoping that hub 2 will have Euro ZWave support/variant.

Yes, there are plans for a euro version.

This has been the standard response for years. Im guessing no Euro hub at launch then.

It was explicitly mentioned in a developer meeting, as well as hiring in the euro region. I can’t speak to wether there will be a euro version ready at the same time as the US release, but it is coming and it is more than just lip service :slight_smile:

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Great! :smiley: Can’t wait to buy it for my new home…

I take it back. Looks like you were right :slight_smile:

See the current active topic. It is scheduled to begin selling in Currys in the UK before Christmas this year.

I need to know from where you could be able to buy Smartthings products from US with europe (UK) versions !! I cant find any, amazon and bestbuy dont have, they only have US versions only


Samsung and Currys sell UK versions.
You will have to check if they ship to the US.
UK versions support 868,4 MHz Z-wave.
Note that SmartThings controller power supply is “universal” (110-240V), only a plug adapter is needed.
Vesternet was also supposed to sell SmartThings, but after the flopped UK launch they don’t seem to anymore.

Now its 2018 … and seems that nothing went forward in Europe.
Unfortunately I came across this all Z-Wave multi frequency thing only now, when I already got SmartThings Hub from USA (ordered through friends who are living there). And now its clear why USA SmartThings hub can not find Neo Power Plug EU version … And I also can not buy Neo power plug USA version, because its not compatible with EU electricity.
Shame on Samsung and shame on Z-Wave alliance.
Will go with ZigBee and IFTTT, seems it will be much safer.

You are responding to a post which is two years old.

In that time, SmartThings did release a version of their hub in Europe which uses the European zwave frequency. :sunglasses:

I suggest you look for more current resources before drawing conclusions about any home automation systems – – the technology and offerings are changing very rapidly these days.

As for why there are different frequencies in different regions, that’s not the fault of the Z wave alliance. Different countries have chosen different frequencies for use with their mobile phones and emergency responder communication systems. This is why a mobile phone purchased for use in the United States does not work in the UK. The zwave alliance had to select frequencies which would not interfere with these local reserved purposes.

Certainly you can go with zigbee if you prefer, although it has its complexities as well.

Yes its true - Samsung released Uk version which has EU frequency, but UK power plugs has different cord. Actually in continental (rest of) Europe there are no Smart Things available.
Also it is problematic to order it to my home country. There are some UK Smart Things in but costs more.