Smartthings BMW connected drive


Is there a timeframe for this integration that was announced a month ago?

Octoblu SmartApp (BETA)
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Are you referring to this?

I’m not sure there is going to be any integration, the wording is very ambiguous. Unless you actually have something from ST themselves, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high.



Smartthings/Samsung announced at IFA as well and showed on their stand, so I would hope it is a little more than vapourware. Of course mocking up a few screens is not so difficult but given that I suspect this is only to view activities I would hope it is not 12 months work!

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There’s an official app for that, but it’s not released for the public at all, they even have the icons out too. I’m guessing it’s just like any other official integration like MyQ/Nest. There’s requirements to be met in either both parties before it can be released to the public


Well great to hear it’s being worked on! Official app? Sounds more like private beta?


So Android now in and iPhone soon?

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I saw this was working via connected drive today on my android phones :slight_smile: must have been added in last couple of days as I only got my car on Monday and have been playing around in connected drive quite a bit since. Not a huge amount going on in there but something is live all the same. Now I just need to remember to check smart tiles via the built in bmw browser :wink:


Cool, we appear to be in the minority to find this interesting! I hope iPhone comes soon, otherwise will try Android in Jan.

Functionality is just viewing or can actually set devices? / modes?

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Hi @thedezza, as you can see below, you can run Routines, see which presence sensors/devices are home and check the overall SHM status. I dont have a Garage at the moment so cant do a whole lot with that option (but it exists).

As you cant get to a device level and have to be connected via USB its of some use… fortunately the below runs really well from the car screen and i can just use the car’s data connection and the internet browser freeing up the USB port for other duties :slight_smile:

Im going to try and figure out a colour scheme that matches the BMW Classic AND Sport lighting setups over the holiday period.

@tgauchat - thought you may be interested to see what ST looks like on the built in BMW browser using the car’s own data connection - happy to report it looks & works great and is arguably far more useful than the native integration at this point (although its only fair i point out this is brand new and in its first release). Whilst nearly all (excluding the brand new 7 series) BMW’s are still using non touch screen in car displays i was unsure how this would work but its very easy to access and navigate around using the standard idrive controller & even easier using the laptop style ‘touchpad’ on top of the idrive controller.

I will be posting both these image on social media at some point tagging in BMW & Samsung - be interesting to see what response they get :smile:

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Just for consistency (as i emailed BMW & ST support directly last night to highlight this)… what i see as a serious omission at this point is not having the car itself as a presence sensor within ST. The BMW app already allows you to see the location of the car so this would seem to be technically possible.

I would love to have rules fire based on the car going / arriving at the house - i know some can be done using my phone or a presence tag itself but i see serious advantages on using the car’s highly accurate gps location and data connection. EG - turn outside lights on when i pull up or (hopefully less required but more useful) have the car included as part of the ‘house’ so that if it moves when the house is all asleep alert me. See it as a backup to the car alarm for times when i am perhaps away from the house. I may see how the life 360 integration works as i believe this is also now available via connected drive but its just another thing to install and try to integrate.

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This is awesome! Too bad I have a 2010 BMW and missed the cut off for connected apps by a year :frowning:

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What is the ‘garage’ menu option for? How do you add Things to it?

(Ant) #13

I dont have a garage and therefore do not have a ST garage opener but would assume thats what its for. (and from the video in the link below implies some degree of geofencing intelligence - eg your nearly home do you want to open the garage via idrive).

There is more functionality announced via CES that you can read about here: It also has a video showing how it should all work out although not sure if its that smooth by any stretch yet… we can live in hope though :wink:


Going to try with an Android phone tonight, possibly lots of overlap in the phase 2 with the recently (December) purchased BMW remote services app & Automatic obd device + app

I have a 2012 (v1) connected drive so also let’s see if that works!


Ok Android and Connected drive app seems more trouble than it’s worth. Not my OS of choice anymore but Android 4.1 too old, and 5.1 not connecting, even tried “downloading the app whilst plugged into the usb in car still” but could be also the 2013 restriction of Connected drive app that is mentioned in the Google Play description.

I will wait for iOS and hope that there is a little more leniancy on the production date, there isn’t such a date mentioned in the iOS description, but then this also talks about iOS7 updates, BMW doing themselves proud!

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I got it working with my i3. nice to be able to set a routine and check presence sensors to see if anybody is home or not.

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Until phase 2 where it looks from that video (although i could be wrong) like the car becomes an actual device that could perhaps track presence, i have just thrown the official presence sensor that came with my starter pack in the glovebox and created some crude rules based on if that is present or not to turn outside lights on etc. not perfect and not given much thought to it for now but it did work last night when i pulled up on the drive and my outside lights came on. I doubt i’ll keep it that way for long as im sure when im at home all day i dont want the lights on etc but phase 2 of the actual integration looks very interesting. I hope the additional functionality shown when the car is added as a device isnt just for the i3 / i8 etc and it can still show range for traditional fuel based models. I wouldnt be surprised though if they limit it though given to get spotify working with connected drive as they show in all the glossy pictures you have to use an IOS device :frowning: too bad we only have android phones / tablets in this house! grr


Probably wasting 30 seconds of my life by writing this, but any update on timing of iOS + BMW connected drive?

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Is it going to work with my iPhone and BMW X5 (2014 model)?