SmartThings and Air Conditioners?

LG is making an external bridge for their minisplit zones.

I just got a Logitech Harmony Elite and paired it with ST. I am using it mainly for TV, etc., but I can also control one of my Mitsubishi mini splits with it. I had to use the learning option to program it. The Mitsubishi stores all of the state in the remote (target temp, heat/cool/dry, vent angle, fan speed, etc.) and sends all of that info to the unit every time you push a button. So when programming the Logitech I just chose a few common options and made each one a separate button. For example, I have Off, Heat 75, Heat 65, Cool 75, Cool 65.

This works fine for controlling the one unit that’s near my TV and Harmony Hub. But I have 18 Mitsubishi indoor units (attached to 3 outdoor units). I need a way to control them all. My units are almost five years old and don’t work with RedLink, KumoCloud, or MHK1, which would be the preferred solution with newer units. I’m really struggling here. I can’t run IR blasters to 18 units. Does anyone know if Mitsubishi has an older approach to centrally controlling these units?

Does anyone know of a good Mitsubishi forum with smart people like the ones on this forum?

My new idea is that maybe I should find three high voltage Z-wave inline switches and cut the power to the whole system at bed time and turn it back on in the morning. It’s a pretty crude level of control, but it would pay for itself in under a year I bet. I did an experiment on cutting the power and found that the vent fins don’t close when the power is cut (unsurprisingly) so the units appear to be on but are in fact off. But then when the power is restored the indoor units resume operation if they were already on. I don’t have to turn them on from the remote. Any suggestions on what Z-wave switch I would buy?

Any other options for controlling a house full of Mitsubishis? I’ve gotta get my power bill down.


I’m also looking for a solution for some older Mitsubishi units. You might want to look into their City Multi controllers (G-50A, GB-50A, GB-50ADA, and AG-150A) which seem to support older models but are designed to control 50 or so units at a time. They also seem to need PC software. Perhaps it would be possible to capture some traffic from the PC and reverse engineer the protocol and then control from smartthings.

Hi all, I found Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Air Conditioning Companion with Temperature Humidity Sensor Gateway Edition MiHome App Control. It seems using zigbee protocol. And it can control any split unit air condition. Anyone knows if there is a handler for it?

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Hi Fadafido, have you try it? any feedback?
Thank you!