Smartthing Lighting /Weather Tiles Broken

Hi, I am one of the few Smarthings customers still remaining that has not left to Hubitat or HA as a result of all the latest Samsung decision making. Until I do, hoping someone can assist with the now broken Smart Lighting App.

For the past several days, I have noticed that automations built in the Smart Lighting App have not triggered. Specifically ones involving triggering lights when illumination drops below a set lux, as determined by either the built in Weather Tile, or Smart Weather tile.

They simply do not trigger. Perhaps related, I have noticed that both the Smart weather tile and Weather tile seem to be updating at much less regular intervals than previously. According to the device history, they are updating once every couple hours vs. multiple times an hour as they were previously. That said, even when they do eventually update to below the set lux level, the automations still fail to trigger. Please help. Thanks!

Are you using the old smart lighting or the new smart lighting? If it’s the old, smart lighting, I would try re-creating the automations in the new, smart lighting and see if that’s any better.

My Smart Weather tiles stopped working 2 days ago. I was expecting them to stop as part of the Groovy shut down, so it was no surprise.

I dont see lux as a condition in automations using the built in weather tile, unless it is region or O/s specific

I believe he is talking about the “old” Groovy Smart Weather tiles that you created in the IDE. They definitely had lux listed.


Must be Paul, i just checked automations and SL but neither allow an ext sourced lux level

I am using the new Smart lighting app since the old one migrated to it on my account. I also recreated the automation within the new smart app yesterday and it again failed to trigger today.

I believe the new SL allows for illumination based triggers as seen below below, using the built in weather tile to determine lux - which the old SL app also supported:

Am I missing something here? This should work as far as I can tell. Also unclear why both weather tiles are updating so infrequently now.

I’m seeing it in mine :slight_smile:

Did you select a device that supports Lux for that to show ?

Ah, i do see illuminance at the bottom of a SL routine but unless a Lux capable device is selected it is not available… yeah gotcha now

I think I’ve figured it out now… I was using the smart weather tile and weather tile which I think were DH or groovy based. Now that those are no longer supported, they don’t work properly. There is no longer a way for smarthings to l tell lux without purchasing a device. Say nothing for weather.

The built-in weather function allows you to build routines based on weather conditions (snow, rain, cloudy, clear), temperature, humidity and severe weather.

But nothing based on illumination which I miss.

Is this resolved? My automations created in smart lighting are either not triggered or triggered quite late. E.g. after 1-2 minutes of motion

try a Routine to see if it works better