Smart control for celing fan with lights but no wall switch

Hello Everyone,

maybe this was asked before but i could not find a related post so i’ll ask it here. i have a ceiling fan with lights that i will like to control using a smart device, however most devices that i’ve seen online, work by replacing the wall switch that controls the lights/fan, but my fan/light has no such wall switch. Both the light and fan as turned on/off by pull cords. is there a device or devices that can help me achieve what i need without adding a wall switch to my home?

thanks in advance for any and all help.

You don’t need a wall Switch for the Hampton Bay one. It doesn’t even come with a wall switch.


There are two options. One is the Home Decorators controller which requires installing a controller in the fan canopy. This should give you full control of the lights and fan through ST app and Amazon Echo.

The second option is Bond. It records your remotes rf signal. You can control lights and fan in Bond app and Amazon Echo. For control in ST you would have to use Ifttt.

Thanks guys for the quick responses and help, ill take a look at the MR101Z.