Smartshield and Arduino Due Problems or not?

I am not sure if something is wrong or I have everything just fine.

Here is my documented experience and screenshots.

It looks like I got the app working correctly and the shield connected.

The app is sending data to the cloud just not sure if the shield is doing anything with this data and responding.

Any help is welcomed.

I’m seeing the same things as you are - also wit the Due.
The “(name) was” message especially, where (name) is whatever you named it. In my example, my debug messages on the graph website are “Shield was”

My phone app for the “On/Off Shield (example)” doesn’t react to the click of the on/off or hello buttons.

When I switch the device type to “On/Off Shield” (I don’t know the difference) my On/Off switch on the mobile app actually switches from green On to gray Off when I touch toggle it.

I’m still getting nothing via my arduino serial monitor aside from “setup”.

Wanna see something else interesting?

changed loop to be:

void loop()
  // run smartthing logic

changed void setNetworkStateLED() to remove the check on tempState - so it will always fire and print the switch result.

changed the print Serial.println("setup..");statement in the setup() to be Serial.println("void setup()"); just so that I could prove I wasn’t insane.

Now my serial output in my monitor is the insane thing:
Here’s the extent of it:

void setup()

So, it’s obviously hanging my Due.

(Something to note: I went through the cpp and the h file. There’s no need for you to make the change to default the #define _UNO to _DUE…DUE was never defined anywhere, and the switch logic in the preprocessor is only for UNO versus LEONARDO.)

Sorry for the flood of replies.
But I just found this buried in the archives:

Did you check what ATMega chip you have on your duemilanove? Mine is the older 168
it appears to be incompatible.

I actually have the due not duemilanove it is an atmel chip though.

Oh, sorry I thought you were just abbreviating.

It looks like your Due is 3.3v, according to
That’s probably the issue. I’m almost certain that the smartthings shield is only for the 5v boards.

Finally got a working project.