Trouble with ThingShield setup

I’m finally trying to build something with my ThingShield. I’ve got it connected to the hub(it shows up on the “my devices” page, and I’ve set it up as an “on/off shield”.
I’ve got the sample code for an on/off shield and uploaded it to my arduino Deumilanove.

When it boots up, I can see on the Serial Monitor:

That’s it. It doesn’t make the LED light up, or say anything else on the serial port.

Have I missed something? Will it work on my Duemilanove? it’s an older, 168 model, not the 368.
I’m planning to go buy a new duo to use since i’m already using almost 13k of the 14k available.

thanks for your help!

Went and purchased an UNO. works now. Guess you can’t run it on the older 168 chips.

I also tried with an older Duemilanove 168 with no success. Switching to a UNO R3 solved the issue. I also had issues getting the newer Leonardo working - seems updated libraries might be needed.

Cheers, Jonathan

Uh oh, now I see this post :frowning: :frowning: :cry:

Could you please update the documentation to indicate that this doesn’t work on the 168 chip?