Trouble with ThingShield setup

(Jlbg) #1

I’m finally trying to build something with my ThingShield. I’ve got it connected to the hub(it shows up on the “my devices” page, and I’ve set it up as an “on/off shield”.
I’ve got the sample code for an on/off shield and uploaded it to my arduino Deumilanove.

When it boots up, I can see on the Serial Monitor:

That’s it. It doesn’t make the LED light up, or say anything else on the serial port.

Have I missed something? Will it work on my Duemilanove? it’s an older, 168 model, not the 368.
I’m planning to go buy a new duo to use since i’m already using almost 13k of the 14k available.

thanks for your help!

(Jlbg) #2

Went and purchased an UNO. works now. Guess you can’t run it on the older 168 chips.

(Jonathan) #3

I also tried with an older Duemilanove 168 with no success. Switching to a UNO R3 solved the issue. I also had issues getting the newer Leonardo working - seems updated libraries might be needed.

Cheers, Jonathan

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(Andrew Arace) #4

Uh oh, now I see this post :frowning: :frowning: :cry:

Could you please update the documentation to indicate that this doesn’t work on the 168 chip?