Smartsense presence device and multiple locations?

Can I register the same smartsense presence device in multiple locations? I would like to set up a second ST hub in my second residence, and, of course, I would like my presence to be recognized using the same keyfob thingie I use in my primary residence. Would that work?

You can with a mobile phone, but not with the physical tag.

I know this is an old tag, but I have the same need/ question? Is there an opportunity to allow more than one hub to register a SmartSense Presence sensor? I too have two residences, and want the flexibility of using the fobs at either home to recognize arrival/ departure of family members and guests.

Unfortunately not, they can only be paired with 1 hub. That is how ZigBee/Zwave work and not a limitation of SmartThings. I would suggest using a smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows) which can be paired to multiple hubs and multiple locations because it utilizes WiFi/GPS/etc instead of “pairing” with ZigBee or Zwave.

So I understand how the sensor is attached to the Zigbee network. However, shouldn’t the hub with relatively little effort be able to listen to the Zigbee broadcast from a hub in the account?

I’ve tried a number of ways to set up more than one location using my iPhone as a presence sensor and I can only configure it to work at home where my hub is. Can someone please point me in the right direction for configuring my phone to alert me for different locations? Many thanks!