How ot Calibrate SmartSense Multi-sensore any vibration triggers open or close event

(Peyman Mohajerian) #1

My SmartSense Multi is very sensitive to any vibration. I see that temperature can be calibrated, how about the sensitivity for triggering open/close action? My understanding is that this is a sensor issue, but could I create my own app and control the threshold for triggering an event, right now I’m using the ‘Something Opens or Closes’ app.


(Fabio Caldas) #2

Hey, there…

I have the same issue here.
I also would like to be notified if it get opened or if it moved (I am placing it on a window, It would be nice to know if someone opens it or breaks it)

(Mike Maxwell) #3

If you’re not afraid of hacking the device driver for this, one could swap the vibration events for open/close…
I can’t volunteer for this one right now, but it is certainly very doable.

(Fabio Caldas) #4

I have done that for the device that I have placed on mu garage door, but the ones that are in my windows I would like to tell me if someone breaks it or open it. Is an option to let me get that while hacking the device?

Thank you in advance!

(Donald Kirker) #5

You can use the “Notify Me When” SmartApp to send you a text message or push message when acceleration is detected. I’m not sure if there is a SmartApp to trigger an alarm as well.

(Fabio Caldas) #6

Yes that is possible, but I want to trigger the alarm when the sensor opens or accelerate…

(Michael Langkilde) #7

Has anyone made an app for v2 to turn on an alarm if there is acceleration detected not just to notify, but do both?

(James) #8

‘Rule Machine’ will do this.

(Bill Kearney) #9

Where can I see the live sensor data from vibration? Is that shown on the app in the tile with the three numbers? I can’t quite tell as the numbers don’t seem to correlate with motion, at least not in a fashion that’s obvious to me.

EDIT: I checked over in the graph API and now see those are 3-axis. And there’s a separate value for acceleration.

Which doesn’t seem sensitive enough for my purpose (detecting if a fan is running).