SmartSense Multi "Stuck" in ST & hardware unresponsive

Since support is closed for the holiday…

Got a first gen smart sense multi, the one that came with the original hub. It has worked fine for a year, but somewhere along the line a few weeks ago the battery status stuck at 1%, the device stopped reporting, and ST still shows it as CLOSED, 43°, 1% battery. This even though I’ve removed it from the door, replaced the batteries, brought it in where it’s warm, and tried pressing the switch on the PCB.

Notably, it sat with dead batteries for at least a week, if not 3.

For all I can tell it’s just straight up BROKEN, not responding to anything. Any one know how I might bring it back from the dead?

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Zigbee, typically don’t you have to hold the button while you insert the batteries while doing discovery?

just guessing. Maybe the manual would help.

The battery life on these things is amazing so I’ve never had to refresh one yet.

not trying to do discovery. Haven’t removed the device from ST, so it should just come back online with new batteries.

yes, well, would it hurt to try it? (discovery)

Perhaps your device will indeed just start working on its own timing, but if you are trying to force it to update, then shotgun it. You could have tried it already by now. Or read the manual.

I had persistent trouble with the persnickety timing of a (zigbee) SmartSense/Centralite Outlet, that cleared up with exact timing of the button press and release during discovery. I freely admit I KNOW nothing, yet this device is now working.

Anyroad - Good luck

I have several of these and sometimes when they have become unresponsive, I had to remove them and re-add them back to the hub to get them working again. I also brought them to within a few feet from the hub when I re-added them.