SmartSense Multi as a Motion Sensor

I want to use a SmartSense Multi Sensor attached to a shower curtain to automatically turn on a bathroom fan when the shower curtain is moved, and then turn it off after the shower curtain is stationary for some length of time.

Lights Follow Me has the exact functionality that I need, but I need to use the SmartSense Multi Sensor (accelerometer) to function as a Motion Sensor. Anyone know if there is a Device Type that I can use for my SmartSense Multi to give me this functionality?


I had a similar problem with the Mailbox app (pre-written app used a multi, but I only had a motion sensor available). I ended up just changing the device type to what I needed in the code and saved it as my own smart app. You just need to go through the code and make sure any references to the sensor still work with the new device type. You can use the device type capabilities sheet here: to help figure out what might need to be tweaked.

If you’re not as comfortable with the code side of it, let me know and I can take a look at tweaking it. Should be pretty straightforward.

Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I watched the IDE tutorials and am going to give it a shot. Thanks again!

I modified Light Follows Me to work with a Multi sensor (acceleration) instead of a motion sensor. Not being experienced with the IDE it took some trial & error but the Simulator made it very east to do that and learn. Have started customizing some other apps now to make them just how I want them to be. Very cool. Thanks @joshkitchens27 for the encouragement!