Modifying sensitivity parameters for Aeotec multisensor 6

Hi all,

Since adopting motion sensors, mainly the very good Aeotec Multisensor 6 (AEOEZW100), as triggers for turning on lights around the house one small issue has arisen - our cat.

Unfortunately she refuses to sleep when the rest of the family and me so, resulting in the lights coming on at all hours.

It has been mentioned that you can buy sensors that allow adjustment of the sensitivity level, which can be used to prevent a cat from triggering the sensor, whilst the sensor still works for us humans

A little light reading and it appears that the Aeotec Multisensor 6 (AEOEZW100) can actually have it’s sensitivity changed… But I’m stumped as to how…

Whilst I’m handy with IT and technical areas, not familiar at all in how to modify the configuration of these Z-Wave/Zigbee type devices other than settings presented via the SmartThings app UI.

Anyone know of any guides or advice on where I’d start for trying this out? A few hours labour would be a lot cheaper than me buying 6+ new sensors that support sensitivity parameters out of the box!



It is a zwave device, so it’s pretty straightforward, but it does take a couple of steps.

  1. get the user manual for the device. It should list the available parameters and values that you can select.

  2. battery operated Z wave devices do not update their configurations immediately to save battery life. Most will do it once a day, some will do it every four hours. So don’t expect to see an immediate change.

Some devices will offer a way to force an immediate update, usually by a button press pattern on the physical device, again, check the user manual.

  1. start by checking to see if the edge driver that you were already using exposes those parameters in the smartthings app for you to change. If they are, you can change them there.

  2. if the driver doesn’t, one of the community developers has a driver which will act as a configuration tool for any Z wave device. Subscribe to that driver and once it is on your hub, temporarily change the sensor to it. Then go into the smartthings app and you will be able to change all the available parameters. Once you have changed the parameters, they will be stored in the device itself. (And again, though, there may be a delay where the changes are queued but not actually applied until later.) Then change it back to the everyday driver and your changes will have been retained.

(New Release) New Edge Driver Z-Wave Device Config Mc


Which driver are you currently using for the 6 ?

If it is the official Aeotec 6 edge driver the sensativity setting is found by tapping the 3 dots top right and selecting settings

If you are using the old Groovy connection you will need to install the Aeotec driver

But first we need to know your current connection method

Or try putting some tape across the lower front of the window to see if it blocks the cat but not humanoids, low tech but can work


I’m apparently already using the official Aeotec edge driver as the sensitivity parameters are presented in the SmartThings app already… I had no idea! Thank you!

Whilst I’m here, can I ask… I’m a geek at heart (more infrastructure than code though) and would love to “play” with my “things” more than the stock / official edge drivers always allow. As it appears you can’t just add in Groovy drivers from the IDE anymore (I only adopted ST late 2022, so post-migration from Groovy) is there a maintained, centralised list of additional drivers I can use for testing . experimenting etc? A configuration tool for these devices would be amazing from a learning perspective.

For example, on the post you kindly linked too, there’s screenshots posted that shows off dozens of parameters and settings I could only dream of accessing. How do I go about getting access to this kind of stuff? Specifically for the Aeotec Multisensor 6 here, but also more generally?

Thanks again for all your help, really appreciate the time and effort you and the wider community put into helping out us noobs.


All the settings you need or are available for the 6 are in the settings option found with the 3 dots top right, as JD posted you can install one of @Mariano_Colmenarejo config drivers but i doubt you will be able to do more that what is already offered in the officiall driver

If you want to try one of Marianos drivers do a search on the forum for config driver or use JDs link above full instructions are usually supplied for installation or again found on the site in multiple places

There is no list of drivers as such, searching is best unless JD has compiled one in the Wiki section

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It depends how you define this.

Remember that right now we are in the middle of a major transition period where both groovy dth’s and edge drivers are running, but only some of each, and we as customers are no longer allowed to add new custom groovy dth’s. And many of the stock edge drivers are still only available through the beta channel. It’s a weird time.

Please start by reading the community FAQ on Edge. It should answer many of your questions. It also links to multiple threads where individual topics are covered in yet more detail. For this specific question see section 2 of the faq.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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