Do the Monoprice Motion Sensor's "pet settings" work?

(George) #1

Can anyone confirm or deny that the internal PET1/2 jumpers on the Monoprice motion sensors are functional?

(Tim Slagle) #2

They do something… but aren’t very good at actually denying pet detection… they make human detection slower though lol

(DLee) #3

Using pet1 seems to work for cats. But people detection often fails. Have to wonder around slow for 10 seconds to turn hall lights on sometimes. Already the slowest response motion sensor option. I won’t be buying more.

So far Aeon sensor works best for us. The Smartsense sensor is #2 but too sensative, yet mounted sideways or upsidedown still much better than monoprice.

(Darryl) #4

Are the Aeon worth the price?

I’d be curious to see if the new SmartThings equivalent would have this kind of feature…

(Greg) #5

I tried the jumper on my monoprice motions and noticed no difference. Also the timeout is 5 minutes which can be too long for some applications.

(DLee) #6

I found a couple of Aeon sensors to be fine. The luminescence sensors allow me to keep lights off on sunny bright days and lights on when cloudy/rainy or night. Some of my other motion sensors/switches in other rooms reference the Aeon sensor brightness to decide whether to turn on or not.

Overall none of the available motion sensors satisfy me yet. Will try the new ST sensor soon. Seems to lack any proclaimed motion sensing improvements though. Also want an outdoor version that won’t false alarm.

(Morgan) #7

My Monoprice Motion sensor temperature reports about 10 degrees higher than my other temperature sensors, anyone have ideas? I’m using @florianz device type, or should i be using something else?