Smartthings Sensor 5000mAh battery mod V2.0

Hi, I have quite a few smartthings sensors and I got tired of constantly having to change some battery.
The smartthings batteries are 3v with ~200 or 1000mAh.

This solution has 15,000 to 20,000 mAh.

Here is what you need:
Battery Holder:
Just use two regular C or D Batteries

Soapbox for D-Cell:

Soapbox for C-Cell:

Solder the battery holder to the smartthings sensor. plug in the battery. Hot glue it into the soapbox, done.

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Simliar project:

I have cut up at lease 6 ST devices and hung external battery boxes on them. Things like cars, freezers and the like don’t the ugliness. :slight_smile:
Way nicer to change the batteries every 2 years.

and I thought I’m a really smart cookie :smiley:

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