SmartRules iOS feature request

Tagging @obycode here, whom I’ve already written to directly.

I’m most of the way through replacing the majority of my SmartApps with SmartRules by ObyCode.

Generally they’re working great, especially now that whatever ST issue was causing Weather to not update regularly is fixed.

But my logic isn’t perfect, and sometimes things I didn’t forsee happen, like the light that came on in my bedroom at 3 am and again at 4 am. The problem is, I have a BUNCH of rules defined, but when a rule fires off, all SmartRules puts in Notifications by way of a entry is “SmartRules 10:37AM” .

This isn’t helpful for debugging. Maybe ST has a limitation on what can be in the log, but if not, could ObyCode please change this behavior to point to the misbehaving rule, not just the app?

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Great idea @mdawson! I’ve added this to our todo list. It will be very easy to add, so you can expect it in the next major update, version 2.0. Thanks

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I’d just like to say how pleased I am with @obycode’s responsiveness to any questions or concerns I’ve had.

I know Rule Engine gets a lot of love in these forums, but if you have an iOS device, SmartRules seems more than good enough for me!


@mdawson and anyone else who is happy with SmartRules: you can help us continue to support and improve SmartRules by writing a review on the App Store. It is greatly appreciated!

I agree. Smart Rules works wonderfully and I will leave a review. Don’t rest on your laurels though!:relaxed:

Thanks @rudyinDana. Don’t worry. Lots of good stuff coming soon!

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I am so excited for applescript control! Oh wait–that’s ObyThing.

I am SO EXCITED for rule names in Activity instead of “Smart Rules” because debugging logic is hard.