Energy Usage

Hello I’m new to the ST ecosystem and I’m very excited to dive in. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to monitor energy usage for say appliances or televisions etc? I was looking at the wemo insight switch but i read that it’s currently not compatible with ST. Thanks for any response.

The zigbee appliance module that ST sells on their store reports current power draw in Watts. If you need accumulated energy usage (in kWh), check out the z-wave Aeon Smart Switches like this one:

There are other options that should be listed in the ST compatible device list as well.

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thanks a lot! i appreciate it!

I’ve been watching Curb, which has a successfully funded campaign on Indiegogo and will integrate with SmartThings.

Do you know of an app that will let me trend usage over time? I see the accumulator but I would like to be able to see some trend information.