Samsung ST Power outlet - Can I get an energy cost report from it?

So far I am really enjoying getting the ST setup in the house… Automating certain tasks.
What I am looking at now is the energy use of specific appliances to see if I can reduce the energy of create an energy budget for a device. Like a electric radiator, tumble dryer or washing machine so you only run them at night on low energy tariff.

I see the Samsung outlet has an energy usage for power draw of the device. So can I create a report

Cost of energy today = energy draw * time used * cost per unit (cost from my bill)

I think this would really help to make conscious decision about what devices are used.

Any help would be useful…

With a custom SmartApp it should be possible as you can query for historical data and then use that to generate a report over a given period. I don’t know how granular the data is though and how accurate it would be.

(btw, this isn’t really UK specific so might be best to post this more generally as you might get a better response).

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I’ve actually been thinking of experimenting adding this to the Device Type Handler. It could be done with an extra SmartApp instead, but easier to display values in Device Detail Sub-Tiles.

Not sure how accurate it will be. The power (watts) draw is reported fairly frequently, so maybe pretty good…

I moved it. Hope OP @tonywood doesn’t mind. :smiley:

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It would be good if you could categorise devices and then get an consumption cost based on those things as a whole. Like how much you have spend on Lighting etc. I know you could do it by device type but for instance a smart socket might be controlling a standing lamp which would still be under Lighting.

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No i don’t… Thanks for the tip

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That sounds brilliant. In an ideal world getting an exact figure would be great, but any data will help us make better decisions.
Ultimately we should get to understand our energy usage so well that we can make a decision on

  • What to leave on standby
  • What to use during cheap rate electricity times
  • When to replace/repair a device that is starting to use more electricity
  • Calculate the lifetime cost of an appliance, so we can buy for the for the lifespan of the product and not for the one-off cost.

This i think will make a big difference to our purchasing decisions.

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