Smartlife and Smartthings

I have seen that I can set up the Smartthings hub in the Smart life app as a device.
Does the Smartthings hub still act as a hub ? If not what does it do as a device? I find this very confusing.
Where can I learn about this.?
Any help appreciated.

can you take a screenshot for how you add it as a device in smart life?

I know you can add zigbee gateway’s to smartlife… but the SmartThings hub?

I was under the impression that the Smartthings hub was a zigbee gateway. Is this not the case ?

Smartthings is a zigbee gateway

But it’s also has a zwave radio, so I would assume full functionality wouldn’t be supported in this case since smartlife offers no zwave control. Also, how would you put the SmartThings hub into discovery to be found by smartlife?

I am assuming that I would reset the Smartthings hub and then discover it in the Smartlife app (but don’t know for certain).
My other question is what would the Smartthings hub be then capable of.
In other words, why do folks do this, what do you gain, and does it still act as a hub ?