Smarthings Hub and ST Link Integration

I have an NVIDIA Shield TV and interested in buying the ST Link to extend my ST Hub network. Just want to check and verify the 2 integrate well and whether the ST Link works well period. (minimalist review)

You should confirm with SmartThings support, but my understanding is that they do not integrate at all.

None of the SmartThings variations currently allows for the use of more than one hub per “location.”

You could have more than one location on your account, but using them together is difficult and limited. They’re really intended to be independent of each other.

The ST Link is not intended to in any way “extend” an existing SmartThings hub. It’s meant to give existing Nvidia shield owners a way of adding some home automation to their systems.

If you use WebCore, it is possible to have events controlled by One location trigger events at the other location, but again not easy and with some lag.

I would encourage you to ask support for the official answer, though, and if it’s any different let us know. :sunglasses:


Thanks JD.

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