Smarthings And/OR?

Hi is it possible to configure smarthings routine with OR instead of AND?

I installed some new Philips lights yesterday.

Made a test routine that said, When my phone arrive or when it’s 10PM on monday to turn on the lights in the living room

Arrived at 9h30 PM Yesterday and the lights powered on, I closed them and they turned on again at 10PM

Is it possible to say When my phone arrives OR when it’S 10PM?

Also in the notifications part, I have my phone and my GF phone as a presence sensor. But i only put my phone as notification, and she still receives them

Why is that?

Thanks and hope it’s clear enough

You should take a look at WebCoRE. With pistons created in WebCoRE you can create those rules.

You would take at least one of those conditions out of the routine and instead create a piston to execute that routine when your conditions are met.

There is an entire WebCoRE community you can ask for assistance.

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Thanks ill read about it and hope its not too hard for my brain :stuck_out_tongue:

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This might also be of interest. (This is a clickable link)