Help Needed: Logic for A or B or C

Is there any way i can do this, Everything else i have set up its just this one bug I’m having problems with.

We go to bed a different times. i want Smart things to change to Good night routine when its senses something is in ether 1 - a mode 2 - All my logitech harmony activities are off or 3 - when it sense a switch is on during certain times.

any help will be great.

I have two smart plugs (one insight and one samsung smart things)
Logitech Harmony Hub
Smart things hub

As you probably noticed, the officially included features don’t handle multiple OR’s.

The alternative is a very popular community created rules engine called CORE. It’s very powerful, and you can do all kinds of things with it, including a set up like the one that you describe.

Because it’s custom code, you have to use the author’s code and “Publish” it to your own account. After that, you will be able to access it from the SmartThings mobile app and you can set up individual rules, which core calls “pistons.”

Here’s the thread with the information about core

And another thread where community members provide Assistance to set up individual pistons.

It might be possible to also do this with the official features but it would be a really complicated set up to keep track of and Core is going to be the most straightforward, easiest method once you get past the initial installation. :sunglasses: