SmartenIT ZBWS3B battery switch in webcore without virtual buttons?

Is it possible to have webcore recognize the different button pushes on this battery switch? I have one and I want to repurpose it with webcore without having to use virtual buttons if possible.

If it uses a ‘buttonNumber’ in the event data to signify the different buttons, then yes webCoRE should support that natively.

I’ll have to test it and look at the event log. If that is the case, how do you use it as a trigger? I see “button, button2, and button3” listed for selection as a physical device, but I don’t know what the comparison is to show that it was pressed. :frowning:

Assuming the device handler is still the one you can find referenced in the earlier linked thread, ‘physical device’ will be whatever the device name is and button. Where it says ‘Which button(s)’ you select #1, #2 or #3. The comparison is gets pushed.

Ah, my bad. I was choosing button3 in the physical device line and not button. Had I selected button, I would have realized there were additional options! Thanks for the kick in the pants to point me down the right path!