Marketplace removed in new Smarthings App?

I see the old Samsung Classic App having Maketplace for SmartApps, but in the new app Community Installer is needed to install Smartapps in similar way it happened in Marketplace. Is this observation correct? Any particular reason why new ST App doesnt have marketplace?


In new app, you click on + in the upper right of the screen and select smartapp. There are a few Smartapps that were ported over.

Many of the old marketplace > SmartApp functions are able to be replaced by using automations in the new app.

I feel SmartApp was better since in Marketplace it was in ready to use manner. In new app I have to create these automations. How has your experience been, what do you think?

In my opinion, automations still needs additional functionality added to make it better. But it is a good start.

It is indeed a good start. Thanks jkp for your response.

If you were to share, what added functionality here you think would be helpful for you incase of automations? Thanks

Well, I like webcore so it would be nice to see some of those webcore features added to build more complex automations.

Let us not forget, rules API is coming!