SmartApp to read iOS/Android Text Messages?

Hello all!

I’m wondering if there is a SmartApp out there that can read through my phone’s incoming text messages and run a script if a certain word of phrase is found. I have an iPhone btw.

For example:
If the phrase “on my way” or “omw” is found in an incoming text message, play a short MP3 file on my SONOS then return to TV (line in).

IFTTT has this functionality for my Android device, but it was delayed


An iOS app can only access the data for which Apple supplies a documented public API. iOS can not access outside of the sandbox until Apple provides a public API for it. So intercepting/reading an incoming SMS not possible. And no idea when the iOS device is jailbroken.

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Ahh I see… Apple controls what gets shown in their API’s.
Thanks for the quick response!

There is better functionality than IFTTT for that. The trio of Tasker, Sharptools and AutoNotification running on an android phone or control tablet will do exactly what you wish. You can get android devices, brand new, for twenty bucks.

You might also want a google voice account.

Anyone seeking to trigger such events on their way to your house would send a text to that google voice number. Set AutoNotification to intercept the text. It would ensure the text is coming from a valid phone# by examining the title string, and would use regex to scan the text string for the desired characters.

Tasker would then, based on the incoming phone# and the text string, via Sharptools perform whatever Smartthings actions you wish. Flip a switch, unlock a door, play an announcement, activate a routine…

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