SmartApp or Device Handler says "Edited" in IDE, but I didn't edit it

I have SmartApps or Device Handlers in my IDE that show as Edited, even when I haven’t touched them. Like below. These happen to all be Nest examples, but this happens w/other Smartapps as well.

Why does this occur, and do I need to worry about it at all?


40 PM

So this is really a “just-me” issue? :slight_smile:

Surprised that no one else is saying “Yeah, what’s up with that!?”

Yeah, just you! Actually this occurred after you updated the smartapps or DTH. Maybe update from repo or update by clicking the magnify icon on the left of that smartapps/DTH when there is a new version.

Edit : so I was wrong. The edited with the magnify icon appears when you edited the smartapps/DTH but haven’t published. It’s staying as a draft copy until you go in there and publish the change.

Thanks… As I said above, this is happening when I’ve never done any editing whatsoever. That is the record I don’t understand. I have edited other smart apps and understand when they show is edited, but I’ve never edited any of the Nest apps for example, and they show as if I’ve edited them.

And the other interesting part is that the text color of the Nest Smart apps that have the “Edited” notation is black (color used to show that the local and GitHub code is the same) and the hover text if I hover the mouse over them also says “Local and repository are identical.” Really strange.