I have a smartapp that I am unable to edit

(John Thomas) #1

I have a smart app named “Push to Xively” that I created using the ST web ide. The app was working properly for several days until I tried to make some changes to it.

I have two ST hubs in two different locations. I can no longer affect changes to both of my hubs using the same instance of this smart app. At this point I have one instance of the smart app running via the web IDE for my secondary hub and another instance running for my primary hub via my smartphone.

Here’s an error I get when trying to view the details about this smartapp:

I’d like to be able to update my smartapp once whenever I want to add new devices to it. Right now it’s not even clear if I can make any edits to this app via the web IDE. Trying to add my primary hub to the app for example makes the web ide hang.

(Brian Steere) #2

Contact support (https://support.smartthings.com). They should be able to help you out.

(John Thomas) #3

I have contacted support. I did that a couple of months ago. They told me it’d be a while before a developer could get back to me and that I should post to the forums too. I was ok with waiting for a while but I do have new device types I’ll want to add to my app at this point and I would like to have once instance of my app running rather than on instance on my phone and other on the web.

(Ben Edwards) #4

We’ll get someone from support to look into this for you.

(John Thomas) #5

Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward to having this problem fixed.