SmartApps Location in new

For some reason, I cannot find SmartApps in this new version. Does this feature get eliminated on this version?

If they are not in the Automations section at the bottom… Try Automations > Add Routine > tap the Discover tab and scroll down

Thank you for your fast response! The factory SmartApps are there, where you mentioned. But where is the option to add My Apps?

Add Routine > tap the Discover tab and scroll down to the bottom of the screen

Unfortunately is no option to add. I can see a few pre-loaded already in the app.

What are you wanting to add?

I am experiencing some issues with the platform at the moment and also unable to login to IDE so perhaps that is related to your issue as well.

About a year or so ago it seems it suddenly became necessary to be in Developer Mode to see your custom apps. I don’t know if that remains the case because I was in Developer Mode to start with.

To enter Developer Mode you need to press and hold on ‘About SmartThings’ in the app settings page for about five seconds or so. It adds a Developer Mode toggle to the page.

For the IDE I can help. Try the link below:

I was finally able to login a couple of hours ago. It took awhile. I was also seeing app issues such as STHM not loading and virtual devices showing as connected instead of their actual state.

Thank you for this information. I activated the Developer Mode, but I don’t see any difference in the app. I still can identify an option to add apps under SmartApps.

What smartappvare you wanting to install?

I’m trying to incorporate MyQ using the instructions from @brbeaird listed in the link below:

I’m getting stock in step number 10.

didn’t this also require a login to the Developer site at least once for this to activate? But I don’t believe turning on Developer mode is required anymore but I could be mistaken.

Step 10 - In your SmartThings mobile app, tap AutomationSmartAppsAdd a SmartApp. Scroll down and tap My Apps. Tap MyQ Lite.

that is now Automations > + Add Routine > tap the Discover tab near the top and scroll down to find the MyQ Lite app.

Are you sure that you published the MyQLite smartapp in IDE? that would be Step 9 in the guide: Copy contents of SmartApp and paste into text area. in SmartApps section. Click Create. Click Publish > For Me

Yep! All the steps on the IDE are completed. My issue is with the mobile app. I can’t find the option to add any SmartApp.

provide screenshots for what you see when you go to Automations > Add Routine > tap Discover tab

Below are the screenshots from the beginning of SmartApps and the end of the list. As you can see, is no option to add.

When you login to IDE and go to the My Hubs section - is your hub listed there?

The answer is no…see below:

Any fix for this?