SmartApp not finding my zwave thermostat

Hello! I am a complete newbie on this with very little IT knowledge, so bear with me. My Go Control zwave thermostat works perfect with my Smartthings hub (v2 I believe), but when I go to install any of the SmartApps related to thermostats, it keeps saying ‘no device found’ or ‘can’t add at this time’ (classic app). I’m not sure why, since Smartthings considers it a thermostat during setup and it works with all my automations. Any help you could provide would be great!!! And for further context, I’m trying to use “Keep Me Cozy” or something like that to simply use a sensor that is placed in a better position to supply temperature info to the thermostat…

It’s a bug in the ST thermostat DTH which makes it incompatible with SmartApps. You can use this Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat DTH which should make it compatible with SmartApps.

Thanks for the info. Was looking for a free fix for this bug - not sure why ST doesn’t fix it, or maybe it is only a bug for my specific thermostat and so not worth fixing…thanks again for the insight.