SmartApp install status:Pending

I have create an app using the Create App API request and now my app is created. Now when I run the get all installed apps: My install status of the app is : pending. I think it means that my app installation is not finished yet. what else should I do to finish it’s installation.
I need the Smart App access token to create the device.

Hi @Kiarash_Kianian that means that you need to verify the SmartApp, you can use Workspace or SmartThings CLI to send the verification to your SmarApp.

But in the developer workspace I can’t add a current created app. I just can create new projects right?
And about the Smartthings CLI how can I find the instructions steps to do the things you just said?

Yes, there are currently some differences in using Workspace and the API. For that reason, we don’t recommend mixing both.

If you want to use the SmartThings CLI you can use the following commands

  1. Get the appId with smartthings apps -j
  2. Register your SmartApp smartthings apps:register appId
  3. A message like this should be displayed Registration request sent to app ***********************. Check server log for confirmation URL: undefine

thanks that worked.
And now I want to know that after creating device, How can I send events to it? I know that there is a API Doc for it but it’s not clear enough for me, I don’t what variables should I set to trigger my device

If you want to change the value of the capabilities of your device you can try with sendCommand

context.api.devices.sendCommands(context.config.colorc,'colorControl', 'setColor', [{hue:20,saturation:30}]);