SmartApp for Notification when garage door is open and time is 10 p.m.?

Trying to find how to set up a SmartApp so that I get a notification if I forgot the garage door, or if someone opens the garage door… but only after 10 p.m. or so… don’t want notifications about it during the day because it gets opened normally and sometimes left open for a few hours if we are doing stuff… my concern is late at night only…

The Notify Me and the Something Left Open aren’t what I am looking for (unless I set them up wrong)



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See if this helps. The OP wants a siren instead of a notification, but the time boundary question is the same issue as yours:

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I found one called “Notify me When” that would seem t fit the bill.

I do that now with the core rules engine or if you have rule machine you could also. I have a garage sensor on the doors I use to monitor though

Custom instance of Smart Home Monitor should be able to handle.