Trigger Siren When Window/Door Open Between a Certain Time

I have looked through all the SmartApp categories in the app, but I can’t seem to find a SmartApp that, when a door or window is opened between certain times, triggers my siren.

You can do this in smart home monitor but only with a custom alert.

  1. Open the mobile app

Two) go to smart home monitor

Three) choose the gear icon at the top right to configure

4) choose custom alerts and then “new monitoring rule.”

  1. Now set up the rule. select the sensor you want to monitor

  2. open the “more options” selections by tapping the + there

  3. set the time where you want the alert to be active

  1. choose alert with sirens and select the siren

  2. finish setting up any other parameters you want, and make sure you click the done at the top right on each page to save the information

Smart Lighting should be able to do this. You can choose trigger (Contact) and siren as a swtich to on, restricting it by mode.

In some ways, using mode is more flexible, because you could have a mode like “guests present” and not have the siren during that mode and you could change to that mode anytime you had guests.

However, I think if you want to use official features specifically for a time period defined by a start and end time, that’s in SHM. :sunglasses: