Can't add second remote

so I’ve got a minimote which I added to my system and works just fine. I then decided a keyfob would be good so I bought the little aeon labs key fob.

I use my phone to tell the system to ‘find new things’ and press the inclusion button on the remote and the phone shows ‘new device found’ but then shows the data for the original minimote (I know this because the name is the same). If I edit this then all that happens is I change the original. When I finish there is still only one device showing in the list.

Is this a bug in smartthings or is there something I should be aware of when adding two remotes (I’m assuming that since they’re both by Aeon they’re essentially the same devices).


I’ve just changed the function of one of the buttons on the original remote and it changed the name from ‘remote’ to ‘configure your thing’!
It still all works but that can’t be right…

How do I select two Aeon remotes to work at the same time, for arm disarm.

I can see both remotes are set up ok but I can only select one at a time.

Any ideas please