Smartapp for AEON Labs micro double switch?


Im a bit new at this but big fan of Smartthings, I have just bought a couple of 17103 Double Smart Switches, but I cant get any smartapp to manage each switch individually… Tried to ut se one coded but maybe I have not perform all the steps.

Would really appreciate some help, otherwise maybe I bought the wrong switch??

Regards in advance…

Which device type handler are you using?

erocm123 : Aeon DSC17103 Micro Double Switch

is that OK?

Yes, that should work. You usually get your quickest answers by asking in the author thread where you got the code. In this case:

That way not only does the author get flagged, but anyone else who has been using that specific device type handler can answer your questions. :sunglasses:

Already wrote a note to the author, thanks for the support

If you post your question in the author thread, other people will see it, so you may get an answer sooner than if you wait for the author. :sunglasses:

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Thanks being new at this is a bit challenging?

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That’s true for everyone! SmartThings is very powerful and versatile, but definitely not intuitive. Fortunately, the community is always very helpful. :sunglasses: