Aeotec DSC 17103 (Micro Double Switch)

I bought an Aeon Labs DSC 17103 and looking to see if anybody else has experience with it

I have been using the DSC 26103 and very happy with results, and decided to try the 17103 as it allows to have 2 different lights controlled independently with 2 Switches.

Smart things recognizes the device as an Aeon SmartStrip which is fine except that it shows as having 4 outlets (instead of 2 loads it controls), not sure if modding the device handler is worth the difference

The one thing I’m not sure how to do is to control each individual load without going to the device detail where it shows the 4 outlets you control individually (or the whole device which turns on or off both)

Can I create a virtual switch that controls each individual load and I can use in a SmartApps like SmartTiles or Echo?

Any help appreciated.

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OK Answering my own post after doing some research here (hope it helps someone)

Looks like the is no specific device type for the 17103 although the Aeon Smartstrip works well, except that it is not a multi-switch (Multi-Channel?) device, meaning you cant use the MultiChannel Smart App

So what is working is that I’m using erocm1231 Aeon Smart Strip Device Handler and his Smart App to Sync Virtual to Specific Outlets (in my case the 2 loads on the DSC-17103) and it works.

The only thing is that I’m also using his virtual device type (Simulated Energy Switch) but the indivudual loads do not report power usage (this may just be because the DSC-17103 reports power usage as a unit and not for individual loads, not sure)

Otherwise everything working OK

Thanks @erocm1231

So I just installed a DSC 17103 and cannot get it working through Smartthings. The physical switches work and I have it paired with ST, but I cannot get it to control the two loads, even trying the method you used. Would anyone of our coding gurus out there be able to drum up a DH for the DSC 17103?

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What device handler are you using?

Mine was detected as Aeotec Smart Strip and worked fine, I then modified erocm1231 to have only 2 outlets and thats also working OK.

Does the device show up and can you go into the detailed page and see the individual outlets?


So I got this all working last night… I had some ghost devices clogging up the gears of the network. Once I got those cleaned up and did a repair, I was easily able to execute the setup above. Thanks for the followup though!

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Hi JcMarin,

Could you provide me the code of your device handlers (erocm1231 with only 2 outlets)?
Because I’m not a good developper and it doesn’t work well after my modifications… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh I’m afraid I’m no developer either

I learned to code back when Basic was a language and the closest we had to Object Oriented was SmallTalk!

If your brave enough to try my hacks, (and bare in mind I’m not really sure what I’m doing just assumed) here is what I did:

On @erocm1231 device handler (Aeon Smartstrip) change line 111 to: (1…2).each { n ->
and then comment out lines 123 to 133

This is only removing the other outlets from the interface not from the definitions or initialization, so again its a crude hack (I don’t think I changed anywhere else but of course I did not document my changes)

The best thing would be if out of kindness or horror at looking at what we are doing Erik would create a DH for the DSC 17103 :smiley:

I don’t have the device, but glad you got something working. Probably the easiest way to only show two switches is to change the lines starting at 139:

         "temperature", "refresh","reset", "configure"])


         "refresh","reset", "configure"])

I think you should still be able to use my virtual/physical device sync to use the second switch in automations. You would just configure it with 2 switches.

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Thanks Erik

Your devices work great with the DSC-17103, both loads can be controlled with device and individual ones with the virtual, the only thing is that this device reports on power usage for both loads not really for the individual loads

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Hi Guys,

It works like a charm with my DSC-17!
I ll test the power usage when I ll connect the device in my garage :stuck_out_tongue:

Juan, hopefully it’s not smalltalk anymore but you did the job
Erik, what a great job on the ST!!

Thanks a lot Erik & Juan

Has there been any progress on this?
I changed the Aeon SmartStrip handler as mentioned above and i only see the 2 switches rather than the 4.
But when setting automation i still can only turn both switches on at once, there is no choice between either one.

How can i modify the code to turn either switch interdependently when automating routines?


If you refer to my second post, you will see if found the solution using erocm1231 virtual device type (Simulated Energy Switch

These lets you create a virtual switch for every outlet (or in our case the 2 loads of the DSC-17103) and then use these for individual actions on your automation

Thank you for the reply Juan.

I’m still a bit lost, i tried to create a device handler and copy the ‘Virtual / Physical Switch Sync’ code into the editor and install.
Do i install in to the physical device or create a virtual device?
I tried both but all i see in my startthings is a question mark ? symbol

Do i need to modify this code Virtual / Physical Switch Sync to suit my device etc?

Could you explain how to install this to suit my need.

Sorry my knowledge is very basic on this.


No problem

I gather you already have the DSC 17103 installed with erocm1231 Device Handler?

If not start there, in IDE create a device handler and paste the code from erocm1231 DTH and then make sure your DSC is assigned to that DTH

The other code I pointed to is not a Device Handler but a SmartApp so you do same as DH but this time create the SmartApp in IDE (“my SmartApps”) paste this code and then in your phone App go to marketplace and install new SmartApp / My Apps / Virtual /Physical Switch Sync

-Edit: Forgot to put the step to create the virtual devices: You need to create a couple of virtual devices in IDE as well, name them according to load they will control, Type is Simulated Switch, network ID something unique (I used v001, v002)

you will then find a new SmartApp in your Hamburger Menu where you choose the Physical Switch (your DSC) and then assign each load to one of the virtual Switches (you created in previous step)

These virtual devices sit in your Things and you use the virtual switch as any other On/Off switch

Hey guys, I recently bought one of these and released a device handler for it.


Hello ERIC M
I have been reading your posts here on this device. Do you think this device would be a good fit for opening and closing curtains?? OR would you recommend A different device. Maybe one that would just pair with smartthings and not have to do device handlers. Thanks alot for your time.

Honestly, I don’t know anything about curtain control. I would think you would want a device that supports “dimming” so that you could open the curtains say . . . 50%. This is an on/off only device. Perhaps you can post the question as a new thread and ask what the best curtain controller is.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Perfect, thank you so much for the help.

I now have 2 virtual switches in my ‘‘Things’’ column. I am able to control each light independently.

Just one thing i noticed, the virtual buttons icons in my things always seems to favor being on, even when the light is off.

If i turn the light off, the icon to go off, button when i move from that screen and go back, or close and open the app, the icon will say On. Even when the switch is in the off state.

Any ideas?


Is anyone using these in a 3way configuration? I wasn’t able to find any documentation or schematics from Aeotec for this. I see folks using a different version of the non-duplex micro switch in 3way, but the terminals for that switch don’t match up with the duplex.