Aeon Labs Double Switch will come up as Single Device


I just bought and installed Aeon Labs MICRO DOUBLE SMART SWITCH DSC17103. As I ran the “Add a thing” through the App, It only came on as a single switch, and I can either turn both switches on or off from the “Things” menu. The work well manually, I can turn them on or off independently this way, but from my phone, it´s either both on or off. Has anyone encountered this? Is there a way to correct this? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Yup, still doesn’t support two of the same capabilities in single device using the stock apps and device handlers, there are a few exceptions though. I have a device type I wrote for this switch. You will need a custom smart app to control the second switch, though you can use the second switch from the device details panel.