Smart Window Blinds / Shades

I followed those instructions but it didn’t work. Are you using this remote? I want it to control all 4 of my family room binds. I have it paired and working fine with ST. I tried pressing the button on the back once fast, the remote blinks. I then press and hold the button on the blinds until it blinks then it jogs. After doing that on each blind only the first blind works with the remote and there is about a 15 second delay from when I press the button to when the blind responds. Works 100% and instant with ST. Oh, I also paired the remote with ST.

No, I just have the top half of it. But they should work the same.

Did you clear them first? They have to be excluded first before you can reprogram them. They came programmed from the factory.

How do you exclude them?

BTW - I am building a blind manager app that will allow you to create groups of blinds and control them via ST as a single blind. Almost done!


Exclude them using these:

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The app I mentioned is release here…


If I remember correctly your hold both buttons down then they start to flash simultaneously until it turns red.

Thanks for your help. I got it working. Here is what I did.

  1. Turned on ST exclusion mode.
  2. Pressed and held the remote pin hole button until the remote flashed, device excluded in a few seconds.
  3. Pressed the pin hole button quickly on the remote, it began to flash.
  4. Pressed and held the button on the shade until it flashed and let go. The shade jogged and the remote paired.
  5. Repeat for each shade.

Great! Glad you got it working… I remember it being confusing because of so many different directions out there and then once they are programmed you have to exclude and start over.

Zebrablinds youtube help out tremendously.

I have my remotes stored away, don’t even use them.

Love my shades though. So happy I bought them.

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I don’t use the remote either, but want it as an option. I have my automations setup…

1 - Open the blinds at sunrise.
2 - Close the blinds when everyone leaves.
3 - Open the blinds when someone arrives and it is between sunrise and sunset.
4 - Close the blinds at sunset.

Occasionally when watching TV during the day I will manually adjust them and use the remote or the echo for that.

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Yeah, I agree. Wanted to make sure I had it working 100%.

Hello and thanks for this answer. Do you know how I could change this from a switch to generic zwave dimmer? Also will I be able to lower and close them at percentages?

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Hello and I just bought these as well and I love them the only problem is it only works with a generic up-and-down switch or shall I say on and off. Did you happen to find a way to control the percentage and have them go on and off halfway if you want them to? Thanks so much for your time

Hi James and thank for your post. I just purchased for these as well and so far they were great the only problem is I hate that stupid up and down is my only option. By any chance did you come across an app that allows you to do up and down at a percentage or up and down with a timer depending on what time of day it is? Thank you so much for your help

Hi again James and this is exactly what I was looking for. Is there any instructions on this anywhere? Thanks a ton for any help you can provide

Hi Lloyd,

Yes, log into the IDE for your smartthings via the internet. You may have to log in twice for it to find your location. So you log in once and then go to home I think and then it asks to log you in again. Go to devices and edit. Then switch the generic switch to a dimmer switch. That should allow you to bring up or down the shade at %s, so 50% would halfway opened or halfway closed.

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Wow thank you so much for your fast reply! So I’m not sure what an IDE is but I will Google it and learn. Is this process hard for a newbie? And will this give me all of the cool settings that you showed on your post that I read?

The link is the post up above. Not at all, you should be able to navigate fairly easy.

The IDE is where you can see all your devices and add code to the hub, device handlers etc.

It can be a bit confusing at first but I assure you that you are in a great community of experts that can assists.

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Awesome thanks it worked! I need to come to this community more often! So I see you were chatting with this member in the screenshots attached. Do you happen to know how I can get the multi function app like these?