Smart Weather Station Tile - Not Updating

To the Community. I’m experiencing problems with the Smart Weather Station Tile not updating. This is causing issues as I use the “illuminance value” to run automations. To get it to update I open the tile and force a refresh (this works consistently).
I’m looking for advice from forum members for what they use (beyond a physical sensor) as a trigger in automations for lighting control. Alternatively, is there a specific config needed for the Weather Tile so it will update more frequently? I’m very open for sunrise/sunset data in place of illuminance if there is such an option available.
Thanks in advance

This may help as it’ll force an update every 5 minutes or so: [RELEASE] Smart Weather Station Tile Updater and Severe Weather Notifications - Fix Broken Modes and Repeat Notifications

Hello. The SmartWeather Station Controller does not detect a “Weather Device” albeit having the SmartWeather Station Tile installed. I’m looking for advice from the community for how to successfully set this up. Do you have an tips to get this to work?

See the first post on the link above on how to install the Smart Weather Station device.

Thanks. What can I say it just worked. I followed the instructions to the letter.
Much appreciated Rboy and thanks for your follow up responses. I’ve learned quite a lot in the process.