Weather illuminance is Not Working

For the last couple of weeks I have a hall light that has been lighting during the day that runs under an automation that is using Weather (SmartWeather Station Tile) illuminance. This has worked great for over a year.

The other day I had some time after it came on at noon time and the sky was sunny and what I found was illuminance history is only showing either 10, 1000, 10000 once or twice a day and no other entries.

Anybody else seeing this? Has it been reported or mentioned here and I missed the post. I hope it gets resolved since I have a couple use cases for it. No need to offer me solutions since I have changed them to running from sunset to sunrise , but I thanks you anyways. :slight_smile:

Is there anyway the can be checked to see why the SmartWeather Station Tile Illuminance value is not updating when there is a change. Most days I see 2 changes at most. This was working for a long time and I would say it stopped a month or so ago.

I just noticed today illuminance is working again. Thanks SmartThings Team!

From the event logs I see it has been working for over a week and maybe more since the event logs are only for 7 days.