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I’m looking for recommendations for a cost effective plug to work with my SmartThings hub. After buying one of amazon that claimed to be but failed to work I’m nervous of buying the wrong thing again.

Ikea tradfri are probably the cheapest plug your going to find at the moment Jenni, order direct from ikea online

They are very basic with no physical on off button, nor any power useage reporting but for simple on off they work well

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Which one did you buy?

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Innr makes good and cost effective plugs, especially when purchasing the 2 pack. It has a physical on/off button, but no power reporting. I have 4 and like them very much. The ST branded ones can be found pretty inexpensive too at times.

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[Plug I bought which wouldn’t pair](Smart ZigBee Plug Socket for Smart Home Automation with SmartThings and Amazon Echo Plus Needed for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control …

Thanks for suggestions. I found the Ikea bulbs very easy to use, but never saw the sockets in store. I will try online.

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Hi @Jenni, I just noticed you’re not in the US, my apologies. The IKEA plugs will do great for you. Here’s the Innr plug for your region:

That one definitely should have worked for you. Did you contact the device manufacturer for support? I have bought some devices from them. One was defective, which can happen with any brand, and they replaced it quickly.

The other possibility is that it was physically too far from the hub when you tried to pair it.

The Ikea Tradfri devices are a good alternative if you just want to go with those, as well. :sunglasses:

One other possibility, since the one you bought is a zigbee 3.0 device (and this would apply to an ikea plug as well) is that you have a first generation ST hub and that’s the problem. What is the exact model number of your hub? It should be on a label on the underside.

I posted a question on amazon but no reply. Googling seemed to bring up all kinds of people having similar issues so I gave up.

M/n is Im6001 v3po2 I think it’s the 2018 version.

That hub should be fine with most zigbee 3.0 devices As long as they don’t require touch link commissioning (which plugs generally don’t), So you should be fine there. I would just go ahead and try a different brand. Hopefully the new one will work!

Piggy backing here

Are there any Zigbee outlets. Not pocket sockets, replacement US duplex outlets.

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