Smart Things Wiki

Hey guys I’m new to the Smart Things forum and I just wanted to pass along a Wiki I’ve started to try to centralize some of the home automation information. I’m a Wink user and I noticed some information about troubleshooting and what devices are compatible is hard to find sometimes. It’s definetly a work in progress but I would invite anyone that wanted to come help to come and sign up for my wiki. All you need to do is create an account and you can start editing pages. I saw from a web search that someone tried to start a wiki a while ago but it doesn’t look like it’s being edited anymore.

Big project, I wish you luck!

BTW, I noticed your wiki mentions including Vera. Vera has their own extensive and very active official wiki (over two million page views), I wouldn’t bother trying to duplicate all that effort, just link over to theirs under “Vera.” It’s been around for a long time, and is a good model for what can be done:

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been to that wiki but it’s been a long time. I will definitely be linking to that for the time being but it looks as whoever set that wiki up left most of the defaults in place. It also isn’t the easiest to navigate since the sidebar has never been changed(it’s not as intuitive as you would think to be able to change it, took me a while to figure it out).

I would love any help from the Smart things side if anyone would like to start adding stuff, after all thats why i wanted to create a wiki so we could get as much info as possible in there.