What about a Wiki?

(Ryan Haudenschilt) #1

One of the problems I am having with SmartThings is finding the ‘best’ solution to a common problem. I read the forums regularly and often stumble upon a great solution to something, but then later when I need it, I can never find it.

For example, I bought the new GE Link bulbs over the weekend because I remember reading about how cheap they are and that they work without an extra hub. I screwed in the bulb and added it as a ‘Thing’ on my phone, but it didn’t work. Then I remembered reading that there was a special step you needed to do afterwards to get them to work. I had a hard time finding that thread again.

It would be super simple and awesome if we had a wiki that was a single source for this type of info.

The google docs list of working devices would be great on a wiki also.

Just seems like a no brainer for the community. Has this been thought of before?

I think the smartthings community has a ton of great info, but it’s so disjointed and hard to find. I wish there was a little more formal way of organizing this. Maybe a select few forum regulars could have write access?

(Cody Truscott) #2

Do this & give everyone write access.

(Edward Pope) #3

Agreed here. I was thinking that we as a collective we could do a how to blog for SmartThings customers and ourselves of course

(Ryan Geho) #4

Now that you mention the GE Link Bulbs - I am purchasing those. Can you link the solution to the “extra” step. I am a new user to ST and the forum, but I agree, it is a bit daunting to find a solution to a particular group issue without spending considerable time scanning the forums.

(Ryan Haudenschilt) #5

You need to have your hub updated to a newer version of zigbee. An email to support@smartthings.com will work.

(Ryan Haudenschilt) #6

So I went ahead and started a wiki, mostly for myself, if anyone is interested in adding to it, feel free.


(Edward Pope) #7

Thank you I was looking to start one myself but now that you have I will add to your😃