Best option for whole house attic fan

I have a belt driven whole house attic fan operated by a dumb high/low switch. Low down, off middle, high top.

I see some have used a regular Zwave GE switch, but that would allow only the high setting.

Anyone have any other ideas for a Zwave or Zigbee switch? Does anyone make something that would be low, high, off in Zwave or Zigbee?

Lots of conversations about this if you use the search function. Here’s a recent one:

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Thanks for that.

I did see that thread.

If you have specific questions that aren’t already answered there, just reply on that thread; then people who are already knowledgeable on the subject can help you out. From the details you’ve provided so far, it sounds very similar to other users’ situations so what worked for them will likely work for you.