Iris vs SmartThings contact sensors - Iris is better

So I’ve been testing Iris and ST contact sensors to see which goes further and which is faster.
I took two Iris and two ST sensors and put them at the same distance. I kept going until one sensor started to fall off the network, all four are zigbee sensors.

Iris went an extra 25ft in distance before I had trouble reading open/closed status.
Iris was also faster by about 1.5s at responding to status changes at same distance (right before ST falls off).

I’ve had both for little over a year, battery seems the same for me.
The only other deciding factor is appearance.
Kinda dissappointed that a “SmartThing” sensor would be beat by one of the cheapest sensors though.
You can pick up Iris sensors for about $17 with coupons vs ST at $40/ea (sometimes sale $30).

Did you do a zigbee heal after you positioned the two sensors for a test? You want to be sure they both have up-to-date neighbor tables.

That said, the most recent version of the motion sensor has been previously reported as being slower than earlier generations.

@whoismoses has a video showing the difference:

I thought ST only had a Z-Wave repair?
How do a zigbee repair?

There’s no separate utility like there is for Z wave. Just unplug the hub, including removing any batteries, and leave the hub off power for at least 15 minutes while leaving all your other zigbee devices on power. The other devices will go into “panic mode” when they can’t find the hub, and then when the hub comes back online they will rebuild all their neighbor tables.

Just as with Z wave, this process can take a while to complete, so you may not get the improvements until the next day.