Smart Things in Mexico City?

Hello. Do you know if the smart things hub works in Mexico City?

It definitely “works”… ActionTiles has a lot of customers in Mexico :mexico:.

The biggest problem might be voltage incompatibility with mains powered Things.

I’m not sure which of UK or US Hub is better choice (Z-Wave frequency vs. shipping, etc.).

Best to avoid Z-Wave issues by using ZigBee and WiFi and Cloud devices only.

US zwave frequency ( technically North American zwave frequency), same as US voltage, but the grounding is sometimes different so not all mains powered electrical devices from the US will work in all areas in Mexico. But most will work. See the following:

Zwave Devices are very popular in Mexico, I don’t see any reason not to use them with the US model of the SmartThings hub except for the grounding issue that I mentioned, and that only affects some individual devices. All the battery powered Z wave devices, for example, should be fine as long as they’re on the North American frequency.

@doitor is in Mexico and may have more to add. :sunglasses:


Hi, Joaquin.
Like JDRoberts says I live in Mexico right no the border with the US. I´ve been slowly building a system in my house and so far no problems. My electrician did blew 1 dimmer trying to figure it out, but once he got it right, everything else was straight forward.
I have GE dimmers and switches, motion sensors (8), two Schlage door locks, the Ring doorbell, a myQ garaje door opener, sensors on all Windows and doors ( both interior and exterior) and the cuby a/c controller (which is the only device not integrated to smarttings) it makes our life a lot easier.
I bought all the gear online and on the US.
If I can help you in any way, let me know.
Im actually visiting Mexico city in 2 weeks for the F1 grand prix.
I actually have an extra versión 2 hub, if you are interested Ill let if go for a discount Price since its just collecting dust.



Soy de Matamoros Tamaulipas ,México. Acabo de adquirir el kit Smartthings Hub , ya lo conecte a la red y energía eléctrica, la luz está en color verde , y al momento de ingresar el código me dice que está mal

Alguien me podría ayudar, o saber si este Hub v2 kit funciona en México


Hola, yo lo tengo instalado en Querétaro y si funciona en México.


me podrias guiar para hacerlo funcionar

el paquete que tengo es el F-MN-KIT-US-2 Home monitoring Kit

Hola Jorge:

Con gusto te apoyaría, pero la verdad es que no sabría que decirte si al poner el código te dice que es incorrecto.

El modelo que yo tengo es el F-MN-KIT-US-1.

Por favor mira: