Everything going to ratsh1t

Smartthings app showing lights on when they are off
Small Device Viewer app also showing lights on when off
Getting fed up of all this inability to just do what it says on the tin , only got 11 devices so far and at least 1 or 2 are doing something wrong daily , have I wasted my hard earned cash

It seems it’s a long delay in the apps knowing what’s happening to my things , is it because the cloud is somewhere out near Neptune , how can I speed it up

Just use CoRE.

Even my 1st Core piston failed to run today after running great since set up :confounded:

How strong is your mesh?

Eleven devices… Not strong at all.

List your devices… Battery or powered and how far from hub with number of walls in between.

Are the problems consistent to the same degrees, or is it totally random?

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Not necessarily. I can build a superstrong mesh with only six devices. :sunglasses: It just depends how they are laid out.


Which is why I asked this too…:key::point_right::hospital:

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2 x osram lightify bulbs one in same room as hub ( twitchy ) one in room next to hub ( most probs with this one)
1 x multi sensor furthest away seems to have settled down a bit since hub update ( can be flaky but it is the furthest away )
2 x samsung plugs in same room as hub (ok)
1 x xiaomi motion sensor in same room (ok)
4 x Arlo cameras + hub , external ( no problems so far )
How do I strengthen my mesh without spending £££££

I recommend a mesh rebuild of the zigbee mesh

Remove the batteries from your hub.
Unplug your hub.
Leave it that way for 20 to 30 minutes, at least 20.
Plug it back in and keep an eye on your system over the next couple of days.

Cheers I’ll try that

I would also say that’s RELATIVE. Relative to square footage. 200sq ft Tiny home? All concrete, or wood and plaster?

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Arlo cams do not actually connect to ST

Take one of the plugs in the same room as hub and move it to the other room .

I’ve been having the same issues as the OP for months now. I switched from the Smart Lighting app to CoRE and have had the same results. I’ve had a ticket in with support since somewhere around November. The latest firmware update is no different - same issues. I have no faith that ST will resolve the problems with their platform, since reading back in the history of the threads here makes it clear that this has been an ongoing problem from the beginning.