[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

I’m assuming that even if you keep the devices names the same in HE that Webcore doesn’t automatically ‘find them’ when importing the pistons and you have to select each device as it imports?


But, this is off-topic of this thread.

You should take the webCoRE-on-HE discussion to the HE portion of the webCoRE community: https://community.webcore.co/c/hubitat

And take the ES-on-HE discussion to the appropriate thread in the HE community: https://community.hubitat.com/t/release-echo-speaks-v3-actions/22879

whats’s off topic when we’re talking about the pros and cons of using Echo Speaks with SmartThings which is the title of this thread…?
but thank you for the links

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Yes, unfortunately because once your device is removed from ST and repaired on HE, it’s essentially a new/different device in the eyes of Webcore. There could be simpler ways that I’m not aware of, though.

This is good news, I’ve pushed most of my automations into webcore so it should be a “simple” migration when I decide to pull the trigger. I think smartthings would be mistaken to end-of-life webcore next year when they get rid of the IDE, but the way things are going they seem to believe the least techie users will continue to be satisfied with simple and limited automation tools, forgetting that the more people use home automations the more they will want more options. The small minority of today will become a greater and greater majority over time IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In case this hasn’t gotten enough attention, this is a relatively easy-to-setup mechanism to use voicemonkey.io’s Alexa skill to trigger voice announcements on an Alexa device from webCoRE. That’s really all my use of Echo Speaks was and it was sufficient for me to setup replacements for my prior announcements.

And @mwav3 instructions make it easy to set up:


Interesting. If you want to announce something all over the house, do you need to send multiple web requests?

Tried voice monkey and struggling.
I tried creating multiple routines ( also created multiple voice monkeys ) but it seems every one plays the same announcement?

Having looked at it, I think the process is this: (I’m still playing)

  1. For each group of echos (1 or more) that you want to make announcements to, create a single monkey. (So you might have a monkey in each room, and a monkey for ‘everywhere’ for example

  2. for each combination of monkey and device, create a routine a) triggered by the smart home device for that monkey b) run from the target echo (not the device I spoke to.

So, for a monkey that announces in the bedroom, you’ll need one routine. For a monkey that announces on 3 echos, you’ll need three routines, all triggered by the same smart home monkey, and run by one of the three echos.

Please anyone with more experience feel free to correct this, as I’m only getting started.

Thanks buddy. So I have 3 Arlo cameras outside. And a total of 7 echos. Bedroom, en-suite, bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, spareroom and bedroom.

I want to announce any motion on the 3 cameras individually to each of my echos ( so I can have Alexa tell me exactly which camera has the motion ) so I guess this would require loads of routines and a voice monkey for each event per echo and Arlo cameras?

That would need one monkey and seven routines. The actual detail of what is being announced “Arlo camera one detected movement” would be in the text of the url

The same monkey and routines would also be able to be used for any other notification you wish to send to all those echos together.

Ah so the announcement isn’t made on the monkey website where it has the option of ‘announcement’
This is done within webcore?

I’m being really thick here but could someone help me here. What am I doing wrong here?

yeah, the url generated by the website is an example. You can modify the contents as you add it into webcore as a web request

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Your url is not an expression, it’s a value

Ah, I think that’s the issue then. I’ll retry.

If you use an expression, you need to put double quotes around it. This works:

Could someone tell me how to uninstall Echo Speaks? I’ve tried removing the SmartApp through the app but that doesn’t work. I don’t get any errors. It just doesn’t do anything. I tried removing it through the IDE but it fails because it’s still installed through the app. Also, I cannot delete any of the devices through the IDE. They fail with the error “Could not roll back Hibernate transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransactionException: JDBC rollback failed”

Am I expecting too much of voice monkey because it doesn’t take into account my and/if statements from webcore. Or am I doing something wrong. It’s playing every time I open my kitchen door.

Your announcement text needs to be encoded as a url. You can add %20 instead of spaces, or use the urlEncode feature in Webcore that will format it automatically like in jlv’s example above.